SpillFix was one thing I was happy to get for the guys to try out. They are always working on their cars in the garage, and sometimes when they are changing the oil, it gets everywhere and some of you may know how hard it is to get off your driveway or in your garage.

I was sent over their SpillFix 3 quart shaker jar. Let’s just say I put their product to the test to see how good it would work on oil and other things. Here are some of the things they say its good for, and yes I tried some of them out, oil, auto fluids, hazardous liquids and unused paint in the garage – to grease and spills in your kitchen, laundry room and basement.

We cook a lot, and having a lot of girls in the kitchen, we do you tend to knock things off the counter. A bottle of Vegetable Oil got knocked off the counter and it was everywhere. I tried to clean it up with a towel and it didn’t work. My mom suggested that we try the SpillFix. [Read full story]